Fall into Mutatoland


One third of Goodbye, Carbon worked with DEVO’s Mark Mothersbaugh at his green Sunset Strip Mutato Muzika studio yesterday to record Nick Stahl singing Fall into the Ocean from our debut record for a scene in an upcoming episode of Showtime’s new House of Lies series. How’s that for a sentence?

One third of Goodbye, Carbon was wearing his energy dome when he wrote it.

Mark was full of great stories. While we waited for run-ragged Nick, Mark shared a couple volumes of a “graphic diary” he’s been keeping over the last, I can’t remember exactly, say, thirty years, with one third of Goodbye, Carbon and Anne Uemura, a producer from House of Lies. Every day, Mark draws on a postcard-size card or piece of paper and eventually puts it into a stamp collectors’ album alongside a whole bunch more days’ works. He’s got lots of albums. They’re bound in red leather.

I’d guess at least a couple of them were created while Mark wore an energy dome. Energy domes are red.

One third of Goodbye, Carbon came home with a couple energy dome stickers bearing the words “Spread ‘em like a virus.” His friend, Cybele, called the energy domes flower pots.

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