Thanks for doing shots with us!

goodbye, carbon jumping for joy

Carla ventured west for a photo shoot or two recently and we want to again thank the photographers and friends who helped make it happen. Both Blake Hill and Jill Sutherland were shutterbug superstars and really stepped up for us.

Kent Andersson, Steve Christensen and Chris Jacobson also had our backs and got nice shots or video footage.

Big thanks to ZaSu and Brenda Jacky Lopezz for excellence in make-up.

Stephanie Ittleson ruled with impromptu styling, wardrobe and voguing tips.

Artist, not-so-grey-eminence, ongoing sounding board and ready-to-pop new mama Alison Frey, generously offered her two cents on styling (and whatever else we could wring out of pregnant her).

Christine Nichols shared not only her outrĂ© purple-blue ostrich-feather jacket, but her stunning home, designed by Maya Lin, the much-lauded architect and artist behind the Vietnam Veteran’s Memorial on the National Mall.

The photograph below, taken at Christine’s, features a living room set by Mr. More-is-More, Tony Duquette, and a sumptuous indigo painting by the aforementioned Alison Frey.

Goodbye, Carbon at Nichol's home

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