Goodbye, Carbon

Goodbye, Carbon marks a reunion of sorts for Carla, Pete and Brad. The three played together in the nineties in the NYC band, Drowned World (the name came from J.G. Ballard’s book, the Madonna tour came later). Pete and Brad co-wrote many songs for the band. It was lovely while it lasted.

Pete and Carla went on to front Travis Pickle. The band released several records on various labels before disbanding. Carla and Pete have regularly worked together on music projects since.

Reconnecting with Brad on a lark—or two—the three began re-collaborating. They wrote and recorded Goodbye, Carbon in just over a year. A tad logistically challenged—Carla lives in NYC, Pete and Brad in L.A.—they worked by passing tracks back and forth at first. Carla ultimately went west to record and mix strings, record additional tracks and generally produce the record with Pete and Brad.

Goodbye, Carbon will debut the album at house parties in Los Angeles this summer.

(photo © Jill Sutherland 2011)