The lyrics are smart and poetic. The music is sublime. My new favorite record.

HELEN HUNT, actress

Cinematic and sadly beautiful. Killer crafted pop songs with heartstrung harmonies of gold made to win the west.

JESSE MALIN, Jesse Malin & The St. Marks Social

Music to dream on. Songs to soothe the soul.
A peek into a backroom in heaven. Tender, intimate and beautiful.
Fall into the ocean and open arms of Goodbye Carbon. You’ll be in good hands.

WILLIE NILE, singer/songwriter

Listening to Goodbye, Carbon whisks me across my favorite haunts from Venice Beach to the Redwoods of Santa Cruz, evoking summer days riding waves, nights round bonfires with friends and lovers…

NORMAN OLLESTAD, author Crazy for the Storm

When I first heard the stunning debut, Goodbye, Carbon, I had to use a track immediately on my show. Now that I’ve done that, I want to use every track; in fact, I want Goodbye, Carbon as the soundtrack for my whole life. This is evocative and melodic tunesmithing at its finest.

MATTHEW CARNAHAN, show runner, Showtime’s House of Lies

I’ve been listening to your album pretty much nonstop since I downloaded it…It’s just great. Beautiful harmonies, great arrangements, lyrics that really resonate: it’s all there. I grew up in So Cal (near Pasadena), and there’s something about this music that really evokes all my sensory memories of driving along Los Feliz and Sunset at night with the windows down…

SCOTT CAMERON. Emmy Award-winning producer, The Electric Company

I don’t know what to say. Holy shit? Will that do? What a collection of jewels this album is. Every song is perfectly crafted, every breath, every vocal, everything is just gorgeous. The arrangements are beautiful and perfect for each song. It’s stunning.

JULIE SILVER, acclaimed singer/songwriter of contemporary Jewish music

Just sold five books while playing ‘California Dawn’ in the store. That’ll be getting more spins!

TROY FUSS, writer and proprietor, Lucha Libre Books, Granada, Nicaragua